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Home / Table Types or Storage Engines / Question No: 165

What is the fastest storage engine in MySQL?

I am newbie to MySQL and do not know much about MySQL storage engines or table types.  Actually, I need speed so I want to know: what is the fastest storage engine or table type in MySQL?

Answer No: 165

MySQL has MEMORY storage engine. Since MEMORY tables are stored in memory, they offer an extremely fast response time. However, it is pertinent to note that anything stored in memory is highly volatile and goes to disappear if MySQL crashes or is shut down. Although MEMORY tables certainly serve an important purpose, you might want to consider other optimization methods if speed is your goal. Some important points are as following:

  • Taking time to properly design your tables, always choosing the best possible datatype and storage engine.
  • Be diligent in optimizing your queries and MySQL server configuration, and of course never skimp on the server hardware.
  • Take advantage of other MySQL features, such as Query Caching.

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