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How to take dump of the database?

I want to take dump of the my database alongwith its primary/foreign key constraints etc. How to take dump of the database in MySQL having such conditions?

Answer No: 81

MySQL provides mysqldump utility, which is simple to use. Go to command line and stay there at where MySQL is installed. As with me, I am using Windows and at my system MySQL is installed at C:\AppServ\MySQL. So you may do the following to take dump of the database using mysqldump utility:

1. C:\AppServ>MySQL>
2. Run mysqldump utility giving required options like mysqldump --password=password --user=user_name db_name > db_name_dump.sql

Take an example looks like below at command prompt:

C:\AppServ\MySQL>mysqldump --password=root --user=root test > test_dump.sql

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