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What are MyISAM table characteristics?

Can I know, what are MySQL's MyISAM table characteristics?

Answer No: 169

MyISAM is based on the older ISAM code and has many useful extensions. It has several features.  The following are its some major characteristics:

  • MyISAM tables are operating system independent, so it is easy to port them from a Windows server to a Linux server.
  • MyISAM tables are typically capable of storing more data, but at a cost of less storage space than their older counterpart.
  • MyISAM tables have the convenience of a number of data integrity and compression tools at their disposal, all such tools are bundled with MySQL.
  • MyISAM tables do not support transactions.
  • MyISAM tables are free from extra overhead required of transactional storage engines such as InnoDB and BDB.
  • MyISAM storage engine is quite fast at sifting through large amounts of data, even in a high-traffic environment.
  • MyISAM has great concurrent insert feature. It allows for data to be selected and inserted simultaneously. For example, the MyISAM storage engine would be a great candidate for managing mail or Web server log data.
  • MyISAM engine manages three formats: static, dynamic, and compressed. MySQL automatically applies the best type in accordance with the specifics of the table structure.

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