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What are full-text restrictions in MySQL?

I want to use MySQL fulltext feature but I am not much expert in MySQL database. Can MySQL allow to perform full-text search with all table engines or are there any restrictions for this feature?

Answer No: 183

Full-text search is one of the most useful features provided by MySQL.  However, there are some restrictions to perform full-text searches that MySQ follows:

  • Full-text searches are supported for MyISAM tables only. 
  • As of MySQL 4.1.1, full-text searches can be used with most multi-byte character sets. The exception is that for Unicode, the utf8 character set can be used, but not the ucs2 character set. However, although FULLTEXT indexes on ucs2 columns   cannot be used, you can perform IN BOOLEAN MODE   searches on a ucs2 column that has no such index. 
  • Ideographic languages such as Chinese and Japanese do not have word  delimiters. Therefore, the FULLTEXT parser cannot determine where words begin and end in these and other   such languages
  • As of MySQL 4.1, the use of multiple character sets within a single table is   supported. However, all columns in a FULLTEXT index   must use the same character set and collation. 
  • The MATCH() column list must match exactly the column list in some FULLTEXT index definition for the table,   unless this MATCH() is IN BOOLEAN MODE.   Boolean-mode searches can be done on non-indexed columns, although they are   likely to be slow. 
  • The argument to AGAINST() must be a constant string.

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