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What is sql mode in MySQL and how can we set it?

SQL mode (sql_mode) is a MySQL system variable. By means of this variable the MySQL Server SQL mode is controlled. Many operational characteristics of MySQL Server can be configured by setting the SQL mode. By setting the SQL mode appropriately, a client program can instruct the server how strict or forgiving to be about accepting input data, enable or disable behaviors relating to standard SQL conformance, or provide better compatibility with other database systems. By default, the server uses a sql_mode value of  ' '  (the empty string), which enables no restrictions. Thus, the server operates in forgiving mode (non-strict mode) by default. In non-strict mode, the MySQL server converts erroneous input values to the closest legal values (as determined from column definitions) and continues on its way. For example, if you attempt to store a negative value into an UNSIGNED column, MySQL converts it to zero, which is the nearest legal value for the column.

The SQL mode is controlled by means of the sql_mode system variable. To assign a value to this variable, SET statement is used. The value should be an empty string, or one or more mode names separated by commas. If the value is empty or contains more than one mode name, it must be quoted. If the value contains a single mode name, quoting is optional. SQL mode values are not case sensitive. Here are some examples:

To clear the SQL mode or to set non-strict mode:

SET sql_mode = '';

The most general means of enabling input value restrictions is by using the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES or STRICT_ALL_TABLES modes:


The term "strict mode" refers collectively to both of these modes. They prevent entry of invalid values such as those that are out of range, or NULL specified for NOT NULL columns.

To set the SQL mode using a single mode value:

SET sql_mode = ANSI_QUOTES;

The TRADITIONAL mode, enables strict mode plus other restrictions on date checking and division by zero. Setting the sql_mode system variable to TRADITIONAL causes MySQL to act like more traditional database servers in its input data handling.  If you want your MySQL server to be as restrictive as possible about input data checking, the simplest way to achieve this is to enable TRADITIONAL mode rather than a list of individual more-specific modes.

To set the SQL mode using multiple mode names:


To check the current sql_mode setting, select its value like this:

SELECT @@sql_mode;

Some SQL mode values are composite modes that actually enable a set of modes. Values in this category include ANSI and trADITIONAL. To see which mode values a composite mode consists of, retrieve the value after setting it:

SELECT @@sql_mode;

If you want relaxed date checking that requires only that month and day values be in the respective ranges of 1 to 12 and 1 to 31, enable the ALLOW_INVALID_DATES SQL mode value:


You can use ALLOW_INVALID_DATES for relaxed date checking even in strict mode:


The following list briefly describes some of the values:

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